Eating green with Mr. and Mrs. Watson

August 8, 2017 Lorette Der Kinderen

The date that we have all been waiting for has finally been announced. On August 23rd the Amsterdam vegan hot spot: Mr. & Mrs. Watson opens at the Linnaeuskade. With a wide range of plant-based food, this food bar is a perfect bridge between mainstream hospitality and vegan food. People will be able to experience the possibilities offered by the vegetable kitchen by combining a fantastic menu with a vibrant environment.

The catering industry has an important influence on our food culture. In large and popular cities such as Berlin, London and New York. The trendy, creative and innovative vegetable restaurants and bars can no longer be missed, they can be spotted everywhere but in Amsterdam they are still scarce. Amsterdam has one restaurant on every three hundred people, however only one vegan restaurant for every thousand vegans. Nevertheless, a vegan lifestyle – not eating animal products such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey – is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Not only the food is thought of but als the interior of Mr. and Mrs Watson is completely animal and environmentally friendly. The interior is a mix of stylish art deco, sturdy natural materials and warm colors. The restaurant covers two floors. The prominent food bar is the central point on the ground floor. In the basement there is room for cozy sitting on low benches and an atmosphere that invites you to take time for each other and the food.

Who will be making reservations to enjoy a lovely afternoon or evening and eating green with Mr. and Mrs. Watson?


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